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You can watch all available Amphitec videos online! They are mainly developed to show the different applications and/or Amphitec products.



Amphitec vacuum digger the super sucker with excavation digging boom

Amphitec Vacuum Digger - Super Sucker with excavation boom

amphitec baseloader discharge in container and bigbag vacuum pressure equipment

Amphitec Base-Loader - discharge in big-bag and container

amphitec vortex discharge in container vacuum pressure equipment

Amphitec Vortex - discharge in container

Amphitec Vortex - vacuum (trench) digging

Amphitec Cat-Tainer

The Amphitec Cat-Tainer

Amphitec blowing system test

Amphitec test new blowing system

Amphitec Base-Loader

Amphitec Base-Loader: The no-nonsense vacuum installation!

Amphitec V-Force

The Amphitec V-Force promo movie

Amphitec Silo-Vac

Amphitec Silo-Vac, vacuuming and discharging of dry and wet products.

Amphitec Blowing System

The innovated Amphitec Blowing System !

Vacuuming with revolutionary range of heigth and distance!

The new Amphitec Flex-Loader®, G3!

Clearing cables and pipelines with an Amphitec Flex-Loader®

Vacuuming and discharging stones with an Amphitec Vacu-Trailer

Vacuuming and blowing of roofing gravel with an Amphitec Vortex®

Vacuuming and discharging sludge with an Amphitec V-Force® at a power plant.

Vacuuming and discharging with an Amphitec V-Force® at a glue factory.