Amphitec Base-Loader

The Amphitec Base-Loader® is our no-nonsense, series produced vacuum truck for suction, discharging and transporting dry and wet products. También como ATEX y soplado!

This high quality installation consists of stainless steel and components of well-known brands. The costs are reduced due to its series production, therefore offering the installation at a very interesting price.

The Amphitec Base-Loader® has a 12,5 m³ Stainless Steel product tank and is built on a 3-axle MAN TGS 6x4 chassis 320 HP. It has a high suction capacity with a max. airflow unloaded of 9000 m³/hour (max. 96% vacuum). It has a large pay load due to its low gross weight (approx. 15500 kg incl. chassis). The Amphitec Base-Loader®: The low cost, high end solution for all your dry and wet suction activities!

Amphitec Base-Loader® characteristics

- Vacuuming, discharging and transporting dry and wet products
- 12,5 m³ stainless steel product tank
- Suction with 9000 m³/hour, max. 96% vacuum
- High payload due to empty weight of approx. 15500 kg
- Easy to operate and maintain
- Maximum maneauverability by short wheel base (3900 mm)

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