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Amphitec sponsoring Amphitheater

We are proud that Amphitec has made it possible to build a large Amphitheater in the new Jeugdspeelpark (JSP) in H.I. Ambacht (NL). It's a park where a large playground and animal care are combined together. The Amphitheater is used for outdoor shows. We wish team JSP good luck with their great work in the future!

amphitec sponsoring amphitheater


Date of placement: 10-07-2018 16:36:32

Demo Eastern Europe

Next week, our sales manager Rens van Buuren will tour through Eastern Europe. Preparing the Amphitec Base-Loader to have a live demo on customer's premises!

Demo eastern europe


Date of placement: 15-06-2018 16:36:32

The sky is the limit..

Amphitec Base-Loader


Date of placement: 23-02-2017 12:02:13

Amphitec Vortex - ADR with excavation boom

Amphitec Vortex - ADR met grondzuigarm

• Powerful machine !
• Fully ADR (optional, ADR certification on suction body)
• For clearing cables and pipelines, suction of heavy sludges, etc.


Date of placement: 17-01-2017 16:36:32

Anniversary staff


We herewith congratulate our colleagues with their 12 1/2 year anniversary! With dedication they contributed to a succesful company. Many thanks!
fltr: Marco v Velzen, Peter Paul du Buisson, Koert v Velzen, Gerdien Holman, John Haesakkers, Frank Kramer, Dennis Voshol, Paul Eijgermans


Date of placement: 18-05-2016 16:48:00

IFAT Exhibition 2016

Amphitec is present at the IFAT exhibition, May 30 - June 3 2016 in München (DE). The leading, international trade fair in the industrial market! You will find us indoors in Hall B5, Booth no. 133/232 and in the outside area! Looking forward to meet you!

We look forward to see you there!

ifat invite suction blowing


Date of placement: 11-04-2016 10:13:28

Expansion at Amphitec Rental

amphitec occasions, vacuum, pressure, blowing machines

Rent your vacuum/pressure equipment at Amphitec Rental, now for only Euro 165,- p/d! Click here to apply.
* This special offer is valid up to 31 March 2016, applicable for a long-term contract. Price is incl. maintenance and insurance. Special terms apply.


Date of placement: 02-02-2016 16:36:32

Amphitec Vacuum Digger

Amphitec offers you the total solution for your vacuum and pressure activities. All Amphitec (chassis) machines for dry and wet products are now available with vacuum excavation boom, making it possible to work within an extensively larger variety of applications!

Amphitec vacuum digger

VIDEO - Amphitec Vacuum Digger

Application examples:

* Deep excavation works
* Exposing gas, water, telecommunication lines and pipelines
* Cleaning of ditches and road drains
* Suction of sludge and solid material
* Trench digging

For vacuum excavation you can choose :

* Amphitec Vortex® (our all-in Super Sucker)
* Amphitec Base-Loader® (our no-nonsense, basic Super Sucker)



Date of placement: 23-06-2015 00:00:00

ACC belang in Amphitec

Active Capital Company (ACC) neemt meerderheidsbelang in Amphitec

De vraag naar Amphitec machines en de omzet van het bedrijf zijn in de loop der jaren sterk gegroeid. Om deze groei internationaal verder uit te bouwen heeft Amphitec participatiemaatschappij Active Capital Company (ACC) in de hand genomen. De zittende aandeelhouders van Amphitec hebben geherinvesteerd om het bedrijf gezamenlijk met ACC verder uit te bouwen. ACC is een bijzonder geschikte partner die haar kracht vindt in financieel en management support van Nederlandse MKB bedrijven. Amphitec heeft door dit partnerschap meer mogelijkheden om verdere groei te bevorderen. "Bedrijven binnen de Active Capital Company groep hebben wereldwijde contacten waar we graag gebruik van maken. Wij zien uit naar onze samenwerking die zeker voor verdere internationale expansie zal zorgen." Aldus General Director, Dhr. Peter Paul du Buisson.


Date of placement: 23-06-2015 00:00:00

IFAT Eurasia

IFAT Eurasia

Amphitec at the IFAT Eurasia exhibition in Ankara, Turkey! From 16-18 April 2015 you can find us on Standno. S-106. Check the IFAT Eurasia website for more information:


Date of placement: 13-04-2015 10:00:00

Further expansion

Expansion of the production facility is a fact ! A memorable moment in the history of Amphitec.

The reason for expanding is primarily the growing demand for Amphitec machines. Besides, the entire production is now centralized at the Head Office in H.I.A, NL.

This expansion results already in a 50% increase in production and will only increase more in the future by continuously improving the overall business and production process.

With the completion and commissioning of the production facility Amphitec is ready for the future !

Further expansion



Date of placement: 19-02-2015 00:00:00

Amphitec goes ATEX

Notified body confirms ATEX compliance!

This conformity includes the Amphitec Base-loader® and Amphitec Vortex®, both vacuum (un)loaders and all of its (sub)models.

Amphitec receives ATEX compliance

More info? Contact our sales department! Call: 0031 (0)78 684 9476 or mail:



Date of placement: 19-06-2014 15:08:08

European Power Tour

La nueva versión basica de nuestra serie de vehículos de succión de sólidos es algo para tener en cuenta! Por lo tanto, organizamos la gira Europea ¡Amphitec Power Tour! Estamos encantados de visitarles para demostrar nuestra nueva instalación Amphitec Base-Loader®.

Podra ver nuestro equipo en funcionamiento y experientar su gran potencia de succión y sipleza de operación. Muy económico, ya que el diseño es de nuestro compromiso con usted. La operación se reduce a lo esencial. El mantenimiento de la máquina también se simplifica en gran medida. Más fácil para usted. Además, el precio también es muy competitivo.

El recorrido se inicia en septiembre y continúa a lo largo de Europa!

amphitec base loader


Date of placement: 30-05-2014 00:00:00

Representative Day success

Amphitec is committed to providing excellent service to its customers. It has therefore organized a representative day yet again. During this day the most important developments were discussed and shown: the greatly simplified, high performance Amphitec® Base-Loader and Amphitec® V-Force, the dry and liquid vacuum/pressure installations.

representative day 2014

The 'Global Amphitec Team' is at your service!

More information? Please contact our Sales department: call 0031 (0)78 684 9476 or mail




Date of placement: 15-04-2014 16:35:51

Service vans

Amphitec has recently purchased 3 new service vans. They are fully equipped to support our Service and Maintenance department.

service and maintenance

The vans have the typical professional Amphitec looks.
With this acquisition Amphitec is happy to be at your service!



Date of placement: 03-04-2014 00:00:00

Project shutdown at AEB Amsterdam

Project - Conservator maintenance shutdown at Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB) in Amsterdam.

Please click on the image above to watch the video compilation taken during the shutdown.
This video was recorded during a partial shutdown where our customer Conservator was doing maintenance. Various Amphitec installations were used for cleaning and maintenance, both dry and liquid vacuum installations: Amphitec Vortex, V-Force and the brand new 100% electrical Silo-Vac.

More information? Please contact our Sales Department: Tel: #43;31 (0)78 684 9476 or Mail:



Date of placement: 08-11-2013 16:48:00

Open Days successful


The Open Days on 6 and 7 June Amphitec were a success. In the new service hall Service and Maintenance were highlighted. Due to the lovely weather the doors were open all day, and the barbecue was outside.

OpenDays barbecue OpenDays barbecue ii


Date of placement: 11-06-2013 00:00:00

Vortex at Blijdorp Zoo

In the first week of April the company Welvreugd B.V. (by order of Kroes BV) executed blowing work using the recently puchchased Amphitec Vortex at the Rotterdam Zoo. A layer of sand was blown in the butterfly garden 'Amazonica' which is currently under cunstruction. On top of the sand a layer of nutrient-rich substrate was blown which will be used for growing plants. The sand and substrate were blown via hoses through a narrow hole into the building.



Date of placement: 09-04-2013 00:00:00

Project Amphitec Flex Force on ship

Amphitec Flex-Force® - Cleaning of HFO tanks on container ship

Project with Amphitec Flex-Force

The Dutch company Martitime Shipcleaning Rotterdam (MSR) has cleaned a number of heavy fuel oil (HFO) tanks on a container ship (with a length of more than 290 mt) at the Waalhaven Rotterdam. The tanks were situated under and on both sides of the cargo hold. In order to unload the vacuum installation was lifted up to the quay and placed in the cargo hold again.

More information on the Amphitec Flex-Force®? please click here.

More information on this project? Please click here.


Date of placement: 14-03-2013 08:57:08

Save on your SIR approval

Amphitec offers you up to 50% savings on the annual SIR approvals. This applies to all your vacuum/pressure installations, combi and vacuum trucks. Stay where you are, we're coming to you!

When one of our highly qualified SIR inspectors comes to your location, you will profit in both time and money. You will not be needing a driver and you can maximize productivity on the installation. Inspection finished? Immediately back to work!

Don't wait any longer: book now! Contact our Service Coordinator, call: 0031 (0)78 684 9476.



Date of placement: 19-02-2013 14:54:06

SIR Safety Award 2012

Frank Kramer, Service Manager at Amphitec, has been rewarded by the SIR (Industrial Cleaning Foundation). The SIR promotes and regulates safe working in the industrial cleaning market. Frank is rewarded for his advanced ideas and innovative technical solutions in the industrial cleaning world. The highly simplified vacuum installations are designed and produced due to these solutions. It has also contributed to a higher level of safety for working with pressure/vacuum installations in general. We are very proud at him and hope to use his technical creativity for a long time! Click here to read the SIR article (NL).



Date of placement: 06-12-2012 09:39:49

Jetting hose reel

Amphitec has developed a new sewer hose reel. A unique, perfect solution for all your jetting work in the (industrial) cleaning. A number of benefits for you:


  • The hose reel is completely maintenance free. Due to the lack of a chain or gear drive lubrication is no longer necessary and accumulation of grease and lubrication belongs to the past.
  • The quickly removable, stainless steel hose reel is suitable for a 200m DN32 sewer hose, including automatic hose guidance.
  • It includes a central, simplified control panel with a.o. lpm (litres per minute) indication to prevent overflowing and wearing.
  • The 180º swiveling jetting hose reel provides you with a wide operating range. Moreover, there is an automatic brake which can be used in any position.
  • The hose's life duration is increased due to the large hose reel core.
  • Pressure loss is reduced because of the DN32 Stainless Steel rotary swivel and wide bends.


Need more information? Please contact our Sales Department, Call: 0032 684 9476 or Mail:




Date of placement: 22-11-2012 12:49:20

Amphitec VForce Trailer

The Amphitec V-Force® with trailer is an amazing pressure-vacuum tanker combination which is suitable for all ADR liquids. This combination has a total tank volume of 38000 liters, a length of 18,6 meters and is equipped with a modern calibrated weighing system.

For more information please contact our sales department.

Amphitec VForce Trailer

We congratulate ISS Cleaning Company from Denmark with this new cleaning monster!


Date of placement: 11-10-2012 16:48:00

Amphitec Vortex - The All In chassis

J&J Puhallus Oy (Finland) became the proud owner of a second generation Amphitec Vortex®. This super manoeuvrable, complete vacuum installation has a Vortex® Blower with which he can handle the toughest jobs. Besides regular unloading the Amphitec Vortex® can discharge in big-bags and unload in containers due to the Hi-Lift system.

Due to the hydraulic suction arm it can also vacuum excavate perfectly (used for e.g. sludge digging and clearing cables/pipelines). On top of that, the installation has hose storage designed for hoses up to 70 meters!


Date of placement: 02-10-2012 16:48:00

IFAT Entsorga 2012

Amphitec está prominentemente presente en la feria IFAT Entsorga en Munich, Alemania. La feria internacional líder y más popular en el campo de la limpieza industrial.Mostramos nuestros desarrollos mas recientes en el campo de aspiración/ impulsión. Le invitamos cordialmente a visitar nuestro stand en el pabellón B5, stand 411-514.

Listado en nuestro stand:

Amphitec Vortex  Amphitec V-Force
Hasta entonces!



Date of placement: 16-02-2012 10:13:28

Recientes Entregas

Veolia Industrie-Reinigung GmbH ha adquirido recientemente un equipo Amphitec Vortex. Este potente equipo de aspiración por via seca está equipado con un depresor lobular de 9000 m3/h y homologado para el trasporte de materias peligrosas ADR de clase 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8 y 9.Permite la aspiración  y soplado de tanto sólidos como líquidos sin necesidad de conversión. La cuba y depresor a prueba de explosión garantizan que esta instalación cumple con los requisitos de seguridad más altos establecidos. El sistema Hi-Lift permite la descarga en big-bags y contenedores. La configuración única de ejes (1plus3) hace que esta equipo sea extremadamente ágil y garantiza al máximo una distribución óptima del peso. aslastverdeling. 

Amphitec Vortex Veolia

Que los conceptos de Amphitec son bien valorados por las empresas prominentes a nivel internacional es evidente. El Grupo Buchen amplio su flota el año pasado con varios vehículos Amphitec Vortex y también hizo un pedido para la nueva versión del equipo Amphitec V-Force. Se ha optado optado por una variante de 2 ejes. El nuevo Amphitec V-Force, construido sobre un chasis ADR 2-ejes, es una instalación de aspiración /impulsión que también además de compacta es muy potente. El tanque tiene una capacidad de volumen de alrededor de 9 m3,equipado con un potente depresor de anillo liquido de 3200 m3/h de vacio absoluto y  95% de vacío continuo, un compressor 2 bar y bomba de Presión 50 de litros / min 125bar.  

Amphitec V-Force Buchen


Date of placement: 15-02-2012 14:56:58

Ampliacion de produccion

Production expansion Amphitec

Amphitec se está expandiendo más y más a nivel mundial. Por lo tanto, ha ampliado su capacidad de producción en los Países Bajos! En la nueva sede, ubicada en Ridderkerk,se efectuara principalmente los trabajos de construcción de cubas. El montaje final y las reparaciones se mantienen en la fábrica de Hendrik Ido Ambacht.


Date of placement: 06-09-2011 10:13:28

Entregas Buchen

La unidad de vacío Amphitec Vortex ADR es la mejor opción para la limpieza industrial con una amplia gama de servicios. Aspiración, soplado, descarga y transporte de productos peligrosos sólidos y líquidos a grandes distancias es pan comido para esta poderosa máquina! Debido a la creciente demanda de máquinas equipadas con medidas de máxima seguridad, Amphitec ha añadido un paquete ADR y SIR. Una de las dos máquinas está equipada con un sistema hi-lift, que permite la descarga del producto en big-bags.

Amphitec Vortex G2

4 unidades Amphitec V-Force G2 vacío / presión para Smet-Jet

Para ampliar su flota, Smet-Jet NV ha elegido 4 unidades de la segunda generación Amphitec V-Force ADR vacío / presión. Las instalaciones están equipadas con todas las disposiciones de seguridad ADR y SIR. Característico es la excepcional sencillez de operación y mantenimiento y su bajo peso. Con el potente depresor de anillo líquido de 3200 m3/h, compresor de descarga de 2 bar y una bomba de alta presión de aprox. 48 l / min máx. 120 bar, esta unidad de vacío / presión es capaz de llevar a cabo todas las operaciones posibles de aspiración de fluidos . El vehículo MAN TGS 3 ejes con cabina litera completa esta instalación.

Smet-Jet V-Force G2  Smet-Jet V-Force G2


Date of placement: 25-08-2011 10:13:28

La tienda online


Con orgullo le presentamos nuestra tienda online: Amphishop, ! 

¿Qué es Amphishop?
Amphishop es la tienda online de Amphitec. Ahora usted puede solicitar sus repuestos y accesorios online, en cualquier momento y desde cualquier parte del mundo!

¿Qué significa esto para usted?

Demanda simple y eficaz
El proceso de pedido se realiza en varios pasos. La orden llega y se procesa inmediatamente. Nosotros, por supuesto, le informaremos cuándo puede esperar su pedido.

Siempre más económico!
Al realizar el pedido online, obtendrá el 5% de descuento en toda la orden! Esto significa que con Amphitec, saldrá ahora aún más beneficiado!

Usted ve lo que obtiene
Amphitec ofrece una amplia gama de repuestos y accesorios de instalaciones de presión y vacio Amphitec y Vacu-Press . Mediante el menú bien organizado y las claras ilustraciones, sé muestra claramente lo que está comprando y los productos deseados son fácil de encontrar.

Entrega urgente? No hay problema!
Durante el proceso de pedido se puede especificar cómo desea la entrega de su pedido. Entrega urgente, entrega estándar o recogida de ellos mismos: sin ningún problema!

¿Cómo se debe hacer el pedido?
Muy sencillo: deberá rellenar tus datos en el apartado "Sus datos" y seleccione el producto. Puede comenzar el proceso del pedido!


Date of placement: 04-07-2011 00:00:00

Gran exito Dia del Cliente

El 13 de abril Amphitec  organizó el Día del Cliente. Un evento internacional donde los clientes y las relaciones de diferentes países europeos se reunieron para experimentar la amplia gama de productos Amphitec.

Por la tarde, el director Peter Paul du Buisson  presentó Amphitec. El Sr. Ronnie Neva-Aho, director de Tehoc Oy, se presentó como un cliente de que, en los últimos años, Amphitec ha emitido varios equipos de vacío /presión. La nueva generación Vortex ® ADR fue oficialmente presentado posteriormente.
Una instalación vacío / presión con certificado ADR  para el manejo de sólidos y mercancías peligrosas. Además de esta reciente introducción, Amphitec también mostró su nuevo estándar para succión, descarga y transporte de fluidos  (peligrosos), el V-Force ® G2, también con certificado ADR.

Por otra parte, este mismo día, Veolia Environnement, líder mundial en servicios medioambientales, ha realizado un pedido de las instalaciones  Vortex ® de nueva generación y V-Force ®. Veolia estuvo presente en el día del cliente y de inmediato puede ver el resultado de su compra en la demostración de estos nuevos equipos. 

Al final del día, un numeroso grupo de personas iniciaba rumbo a Amsterdam  para disfrutar de un crucero por los canales al atardecer, donde la fiesta se prolongó un poco más.

Les damos las gracias por venir y esperamos verles pronto de nuevo!

Haga clic aquí para obtener más imágenes del día del cliente

Haga clic aquí para ver el folleto Vortex ® G2

Haga clic aquí para ver el folleto  V-Force ® G2


Date of placement: 19-04-2011 17:33:55

Vortex Hi-Lift ADR

Amphitec has developed the Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR dry and liquid pressure/vacuum air mover. This machine is the ideal solution for vacuuming, discharging and/or transporting polluted product.

Market searches for safely transporting product

Enigma, a local industrial contractor, was searching for a proper solution for handle polluted or even hazardous soil in industrial areas. There is an increasing demand in handling polluted soil around underground gas pipelines and electric cables. With the conventional excavation techniques damages are easily made and can cause immediate danger and shutdown of process installations. Amphitec offers the perfect solution with its ADR classified Vortex Hi-Lift ADR, equipped with a 400º rotating excavation boom.

Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR characteristics

With the use of special 3D designing software, Amphitec has been able to develop the Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR. The 14 m3 dry and liquid pressure/vacuum tanker is equipped with a 9000 m3/hr roots blower pump with a max. vacuum of 96% and a max. overpressure of 1 bar. The specially developed excavation boom enables you to offer the service of vacuum excavation. A fast growing service in the industrial and municipal contracting business.

Key advantages of the Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR are its Hi-Lift system, the ADR certified blowing system - no changeover required-, a low total weight, the smaller turning circle and a lower noise level - below 80 dB(A)-! With the suction boom specially designed for safe and efficient excavation works, this machine replaces the conventional, often unsafe excavation techniques. Unlike other vacuum excavation techniques the Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR can be used for industrial vacuum/pressure activities. It is also perfect for vacuuming and blowing products like cement, fly ash, grit, powders and heavy sludge. This versatility ensures that the investment can quickly be recouped.

The Vortex® Hi-Lift ADR enables you to perform your industrial vacuum and excavation applications in the most cost effective and safest way!



Date of placement: 09-02-2011 00:00:00

VForce G2

Amphitec launches the second generation V-Force®, the V-Force®, G2 ! The V-Force® is the standard pressure/vacuum installation for vacuuming, discharging and transporting (hazardous) liquids. The first generation V-Force® has been a succes for over 5 years and delivered to customers within Europe and far beyond. The V-Force®  is mostly used for heavy-duty vacuum cleaning in the industrial contractors market and has proven to be a reliable and powerfull tool. With its shorter wheel base, lower total weight and improved control system the V-Force®, G2 can  without a doubt be called revolutionary.
Just like the Vortex®, ADR the V-Force®, G2 has been designed using state-of-the-art 3D software. Interested? Order your V-Force®, G2 NOW!

De nieuwe VForce

The successful 1st generation V-Force®


Date of placement: 23-08-2010 13:00:00

Unique axle configuration


Vortex®, the standard pressure/vacuum installation, used for vacuuming, blowing, discharging and transporting dry products and liquids in the European market. Besides the standard 8x4 truck configuration Amphitec now offers a 4-axle configuration with one front and triple rear axle (1and3). This unique axle configuration offers two main advantages:

  • The shorter rotation circle provides a strongly improved manouverability;
  • The weight distribution between the axles are optimised which makes transport fines and overweight of the rear tandem a matter of the past.

The new, unique Vortex axle configuration

 New  4-axle Vortex® with 1and3 configuration 



Date of placement: 22-08-2010 13:00:00

Amphitec videos

Watch all Amphitec videos online now! These videos are mainly for visualizing the different applications and/or Amphitec products.
Please click here to watch the videos.


Date of placement: 27-06-2010 15:08:08

Vacuum at exeptional height and distance

The technical capabilities of Amphitec products are continuously tested. To further develop  the capabilities of the Amphitec machines we do not only test the machines in the factory but also in the field. When testing the vacuum and pressure capabilities of an Amphitec Flex-Loader®, it became clear that the Amphitec equipment is capable of doing what has been thought impossible. At a distance of 237 meters and a differential height of 30 meters it reached a performance of vacuuming 12 tons of sand per hour!  

All Amphitec installations containing a Vortex 8000 Roots Blower are able to achieve such a performance under the same conditions. Please click on the image to watch the test on video.



Date of placement: 01-06-2010 15:30:33

New: Vortex ADR

Amphitec has developed a new VORTEX® dry and liquid pressure/vacuum tanker that is able to process and transport hazardous (ADR) products! With the use of special 3D designing software, Amphitec has been able to develop a new state of the art VORTEX® ADR machine. The new VORTEX® ADR machine offers a 14 m3 dry and liquid pressure/vacuum tanker with 8000 m3/hr air displacement, a max. vacuum of 96% and a max. overpressure of 1 bar. The newly developed design offers many advantages such as lower empty weight, an ADR certified blowing system (no changeover required), simplified control system, 8" vacuum excavation boom and a noise level below 80 dB(A)!


Date of placement: 23-05-2010 00:00:00

- Representatives Days

From 12-14 April Amphitec organized its annual representative's meeting in Oslo, Norway. This year it was held in Norway. The latest developments were shown and various commercial topics were discussed.

With these meetings Amphitec builds yet again on its market position.


Date of placement: 19-04-2010 17:28:40

Vacuum Excavation

The market is increasingly asking for more powerful excavation installations which are useable in a wider range of applications. The Amphitec vacuum excavation technology does not limit itself to the vacuuming of just sand and soil, but goes beyond the capabilities of other suction excavation machines.


With the Amphitec Vacuum Excavation Technology clearing cables and pipelines is a 'one-man' operation. With a vacuum up to 98% under pressure the soil is being forced into the hose and no additional tools are required. Due to the large airflow and deep vacuum the density of product inside the hose is much higher. This results into an unparalleled loading speed!


Besides suction of sand and soil the Amphitec installations are also suitable for suction and blowing various other dry products and liquids. A few application examples are: suction of railway and roofing gravel, trenching, suction and blowing of shells and sand, suction/clearance of grease pits, safely and dust free discharging of various products into big-bags and containers, or even suction of asbestos holding soil (by using so called HEPA filters).


For more information, please contact us by mail:
or call: 31 (0) 78 6849476

Please click here to watch the application video!


Date of placement: 25-02-2010 15:00:00

- 2009:Turnover increase

Even in the turbulent year 2009 Amphitec has managed to increase its turnover.
Partly by the tremendous growth of its international customer database, which corresponds to what managing director Peter Paul du Buisson had predicted a year ago.
This upward trend is mainly due to its unique installations, supported by a positive service orientation, an excellent quality and an attractive price.


Date of placement: 01-02-2010 10:13:28

- Rental fleet expanded

Amphitec Rental has the most advanced rental installations for suction and blowing of dry products and liquids. To fulfill your need for high quality pressure/vacuum installations Amphitec Rental will expand its rental fleet greatly in the next months. Please be notified that we will keep you informed trough our website.


Date of placement: 01-02-2010 10:13:28

- Recent deliveries

The Swiss company Ernst Gerber AG, situated in Roggwill, has just become the proud owner of an 20m³ Amphitec Max-Loader. Ernst Gerber is an industrial, private and municipal service provider in cleaning, transport, and suction/blowing of dry product and liquids. The semi-trailer will mainly be used for suction and blowing of substrate and roofing gravel.


Date of placement: 01-01-2010 10:13:28