Amphitec Vacu-Tainer

The Amphitec Vacu-Tainer is a compact industrial full vacuum installation. The unit can be linked to a vacuum tank or cyclone which can be filled with dry products or liquids by the Vacu-Tainer. It is suitable for suction of dry products and liquids. The Vacu-Tainer is avalailable with an air volume of 2500, 5500 or 9000 m3/hour.

Amphitec Vacu-Tainer characteristics

- Suction of dry products and liquids
- Completely self-supporting
- Drive of vacuum pump by an electrical or diesel engine
- Full vacuum pump (96%), types:

* 2500 m3/hour
* 5500 m3/hour
* 9000 m3/hour

- Built standard into a 10ft ISO container
- Ease of maintenance
- Low noise level