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Amphitec Vacuum Digger

Amphitec offers you the total solution for your vacuum and pressure activities. All Amphitec (chassis) machines for dry and wet products are now available with vacuum excavation boom, making it possible to work within an extensively larger variety of applications!

Amphitec vacuum digger

VIDEO - Amphitec Vacuum Digger

Application examples:

* Deep excavation works
* Exposing gas, water, telecommunication lines and pipelines
* Cleaning of ditches and road drains
* Suction of sludge and solid material
* Trench digging

For vacuum excavation you can choose :

* Amphitec Vortex® (our all-in Super Sucker)
* Amphitec Base-Loader® (our no-nonsense, basic Super Sucker)


Date of placement: 23-06-2015 00:00:00