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Managing Director Amphitec b.v.

This week Rino Reuvekamp has started as Managing Director of Amphitec. A new step for the Amphitec team, indicating our passion: "building machines that allow you, our customers, to produce faster and/or cheaper!". "It is with great enthusiasm that I have started at Amphitec. I am very impressed by the achievements of the team in the past years. Amphitec is a beautiful company, with great skils, a good teamspirit and excellent products. Together, we are on track for a bright future!", Rino states.


"Rino strengthens the Amphitec team", according to John Haesakkers, Co-founder of the company, who will now assume the position of Business Development Director. "I am thrilled that we were able to contract someone of his caliber, and I am convinced that he will take Amphitec to the next level, in lign with our ambitious strategic plan. I can now fully concentrate on the tasks that I love and that have defined me during my long career with Amphitec: developing customer efficient solutions.


We will achieve this by staying involved, by remaining a reliable partner, by building simplicity to our products, allowing you to do your work more efficiently!





Date of placement: 08-04-2019 00:00:00